Brad Paisley's new album, "Wheelhouse" comes out today. On it you will find songs like, "Outstanding in our field" the fun "party" song you may have heard on the ACM Awards on Sunday night. It does however include song that may be a little more thought provoking like, "Those Crazy Christians" and the one currently causing a lot of talk both positive and negative is called "Accidental Racist".

YouTube Image, Brad and LL Cool J
YouTube Image, Brad and LL Cool J

This song features a short rap from LL Cool J, and talks about the difficulty of white men in the south dealing with the problem of both being proud of where they come from and dealing with the guilt of the things that their ancestors did.

Now, I'm sure I have feelings about this that probably go both ways. There are points I agree with and ones that I don't. Personally, the opinion that I have that I think matters most in this situation is, good for you Brad. I am not a person that has to agree with what people say, but I will always agree with their right to say it, AND the benefits of getting people talking.

This will certainly do that, and already has. But what does Brad have to say about this song and more so the album? Here is what he tweeted about it last night.

"So,as you buy this album,I hope it triggers emotions. I hope you feel joy, heartache, triumph, surprise... you laugh, cry, nudge someone beside you ...I hope the album rocks you, soothes you, raises questions, answers, evokes feelings, all the way through until Officially Alive.. 'cause I wouldn't change a thing. This is a record meant to be FAR from easy listening. But fun. Like life. Have a ball, ya'll. love- brad."

Well then Mr. Paisley, I'd say well done. I for one will always respect your talent, and support your right to express yourself and your feelings. Thank You for sharing yet another part of yourself with us, I know you don't have to.

Now if you want to hear the song , you can here and please feel free to voice an opinion but try to at least show respect when you do, to those involved and those who will read them.


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