This is just like Michael Jackson's "Black and White" video I thought as watched the Dove commercial that the internet is going nuts over was.  I thought the outrage seemed a little much, but after seeing the "screen grab", I can see why people may take offense to it.  Dove apologized, but should they have?

The Dove brand ultimately admitted that it had “missed the mark” with it's "racist advertisement" that made it the latest target of consumer rage.  The outrage started over a "screen grab" photo taken from the full video.  This is clearly offensive as it shows a woman shedding her darker skin for one that is lily white.  However, when you watch the actual full length advertisement, it shows all different types of skin tones and colors being shed in ways that carry a far less racial tone.  Dark skin becomes whiter and in the same ad, white skin becomes dark.

The full video is below, followed by the "screen grab"




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