It's great to see what an amazing place the Capital Region can be, that in times of complete stupidity, we band together and support each other, like Columbia High School did.

If you're unaware of the backstory, social media went crazy with a story that happened at Schenectady High School the other night. According to Spectrum News, members of the Schenectady girl's soccer team were being insulted with "racially charged insults" during a game against Niskayuna. Damien Thomas, parent of a Schenectady soccer player, posted the story on Facebook and it was shared more than 1,000 times and led to an investigation to find out which students are responsible.

Since then, Schenectady High School went on to play Columbia High School and Columbia wanted to do something to support their fellow players. Though they were playing against each other, the Columbia soccer team decided that at their game, they wanted to bring the Schenectady girls soccer team flowers. They ended up giving them flowers, hugs, and took a picture together. As the Columbia High School Athletics Facebook page says, "This world is hard enough, there is no need for hate."

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