It's apple-picking season but one of your favorite places is changing how they're doing things and adding a cover charge to one of your favorite fall-tivities.

Bowman Orchards, a popular place for apple picking in the Capital Region, has added a new sign this season telling people that there will be a $5 cover charge for picking starting this season.

CBS6 described that the reason for the cover charge wasn't just to get extra money for the season but because rates and fees have gone up. Kevin Bowman from Bowman Orchards said about the charge, “There's so many new mandates that are put on agriculture and put on every business in New York, that we have to find a way to come up with that. Adding the five dollars per car for people to come in, we think that will help offset that."

Before you get angry about the charge, they did try to make the situation a little better. If you buy more than $25.00 or more, they will take the $5 off of your purchase.

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