Last Friday, the streets of downtown Atlanta, Georgia were packed to the gills with a sea of red, navy and white, as the Atlanta Braves paraded through town with their newly-acquired World Series trophy in hand.

Clad in his Braves jersey, and a tan fedora, Rexford native Ian Anderson took to the streets of Atlanta, and celebrated his victory.

Luckily for us, the camera caught a few glimpses of Anderson, and we put together a few of our favorites.

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FOX 5 Atlanta caught Anderson and Charlie Morton, along with some family and significant others, exiting the team facility in advance of the festivities:

Ian Anderson himself took to Instagram to show off his stroll on the red carpet...

Anderson got the chance to address the crowd on Bally Sports South, and a Braves fan caught a screenshot of it:

As it turns out, this fedora is the gift that keeps on giving...


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Last, but certainly not least, based on the bottom left-hand picture, a shave and haircut might've happened?!

As a newcomer to the Capital Region, it's been an absolute pleasure to watch two fanbases, from completely different areas of the country, embrace the 23-year old Anderson. As these pictures show, the Rexford native was living the dream last Friday.

Here's hoping that there are a number of dreams left to be lived.

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