Rexford Llenroc Mansion Boasts 24K Gold Ceilings & Sailboat-Shaped Indoor Pool

In 1992 it is believed this mansion in Rexford cost over $32 million to build. Original owner, Albert Lawrence built it to be modeled after Cornell University's campus center. He was an alumnus of the college and Llenroc is actually Cornell spelled backward. Fast forward after three previous owners and scandals, this outdated mansion has sold for just $1.9 million. This mansion may be outdated but it is grandiose and over the top. It has a 5-floor glass elevator, 24K gold gilded ceilings, Scandanavian marble floors, along with a sailboat-shaped indoor pool. It also has a mermaid bar with see-through views of the pool and fountains. It sits on 12 acres along the Mohawk River.

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