It's been nearly 7 weeks since anyone had contact with Meghan Marohn, the Shaker High School teacher who went missing in the Berkshires in late March.

Here's the latest on her strange disappearance.

For the last 6 plus weeks, it's been her brother Peter Naple acting as the point person, keeping her name in the news by posting the latest information on the search, as well as by responding to most people's comments, questions, and queries.

This week on, the website he created weeks ago to assist in the search for his sister, Naple posted a picture of a new missing person flyer he created hoping that people will continue to keep her name topical and in the news.


In addition to the new poster, Naple said a giant billboard recently went up near the spot where Marohn went missing.

Naple said he paid to have the billboard made, but the space to display it was donated by a local billboard company.

On the website dedicated to finding his missing sister, Naple wrote: "I'd also like to add the Lamar (billboard company) did donate the 2 spaces for these signs which I greatly appreciate. I had to pay for the signs to be made, but not for them to be put up and showcased for a month. Thank you Lamar!"

Photo: Berkshire Eagle
Photo: Berkshire Eagle

Naple also said there will be a vigil held at Shaker High School where Meghan teaches on Friday, May 13th at 3 pm for anyone who would like to attend.

It's been documented that Meghan, an English teacher at Shaker High School in Latham, was dealing with some issues at school before she checked into the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge.

“I don’t know the full story,” he told Western Mass News. “I do know that what happened at school caused her a lot of heartaches. The school gave her paid leave until the end of the school year."

Western Mass News reached out to Shaker High officials who responded with the following message:

“We continue to keep Ms. Marohn and her family in our hearts and minds. She is a valued and loved member of our school community. The district continues to provide counselors, social workers, and psychologists to assist any student in need.”

Naple, the last known person to have contact with the missing North Colonie teacher, recently created a GoFundMe, hoping to apply the funds to the continuing search effort for Meghan, including hiring a private investigator.

Here's what we know about her disappearance so far:

  • On Saturday, March 26, 10th-grade English teacher Meghan Marohn drove from her hometown of Latham to Stockbridge, MA.
  • Marohn, a poet, who also enjoys nature and hikes, checked into the Red Lion Motel upon arrival.
  • Sources say she may have been upset about some personal things but that it wasn’t unlike her to take spontaneous trips alone.
  • The last time anyone heard from Meghan was later that evening on the 26th when she called her brother, Peter. According to sources, she told him she was reading a book and enjoying a bowl of soup in her room.
  • She was reported missing 3 days later on March 29th.
  • Meghan’s black 2017 Subaru Impreza was found abandoned on Church Street in the parking lot of Janet Longcope, a 46-acre park in South Lee
  • Witnesses told the police that her parked car had been there for two days.
    Meghan’s phone last pinged on Sunday, March 27th at approximately 3 pm.
  • Authorities determined that she did not get on the hiking trail where they found her car.
  • In a strange twist, according to Berkshire Eagle, Meghan crossed the street and walked in the opposite direction toward a rural residential area where the signal eventually cut off.
  • It's been confirmed that the Albany County Sheriff's have joined the search. Last week they helped MA police navigate some really difficult terrain near where they found Marohn's parked car.

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