Have You Seen Her?

State Police in New York are hoping the public will assist in locating a missing woman who was last seen about two hours south of the immediate Capital Region.  They expressed concern for her well-being after she made some disconcerting remarks before her disappearance.

State Police say they're attempting to locate 32-year-old Jennifer E. Bruning, last seen in Barryville, New York, about two hours south of Albany.

State Police Offer Limited Infomation

While not much has been made public about her disappearance, State Police showed growing concern about her whereabouts after they disclosed that she "made suicidal remarks" before she went missing.

State Police say Bruning has ties to Port Jervis, NY, and Newburgh, NY; the latter is just 90 minutes south of the Capital Region, so it's plausible that she could be closer to Upstate New York.

What We Found Out About Bruning

On her Facebook page, Bruning describes herself as a "Mom, Business Owner & Entrepreneur, and Holistic lifestyle enthusiast." She also lists herself as the owner and CEO of Magically Clean, a residential cleaning service for Barryville, NY, and surrounding areas.

The fact that she has a child makes this even more heartbreaking, and we all hope she's found quickly.

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State Police in Liberty is attempting to locate Jennifer E. Bruning, 32, last seen in Barryville, NY. If located, don't hesitate to contact NYSP Liberty at 845-344-5300. Photo: NYSP


" State Police in Liberty are attempting to locate Jennifer E. Bruning, 32, who was last seen in Barryville, NY. Bruning made suicidal remarks and her welfare is currently a concern. Bruning has ties to the City of Port Jervis and the City of Newburgh. If located, please contact NYSP Liberty at 845-344-5300." NYSP


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