Last week, the grandparents of missing Schenectady teen Samantha Humphrey openly denounced a GoFundMe set up by her mom, Jaclyn. That's changed, and here's why.

The search for missing Schenectady teenager Samantha Humphrey has entered its third week and despite police efforts to locate her -  or even clues into her disappearance - most of us here in the Capital Region have more questions than answers.

Meanwhile, Samantha's family and friends continue to post updates on their social media pages with daily reminders to call the police with any information regarding this Capital Region unsolved mystery.

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Missing Teen Samantha Humphrey - Facebook

While members of the missing teen's family are united in their grief, they seemed divided over a fundraiser set up by Samantha's mother, Jaclyn.

It seemed a little odd that last week, the grandparents of Samantha Humphrey (who she lived with from age 7 to 13) seemingly denounced the Go Fund Me page stating that they felt the local authorities were doing all they can and that there was no need to hire a PI.

The goal was for $5,000 and as of this morning, about $1,800 had been donated.

In a story published last week in the  Daily Gazette, John Matarazzo, Samantha Humphrey’s grandfather, said that he and his wife were "opposed to the fundraising plan and wholeheartedly support the efforts of the Schenectady Police Department and the additional agencies that continue to search for their granddaughter.

Humphrey's grandfather added, "We don’t need money to find the girl...If Samantha was alive, she would have at least let us know that she was alive. Because she cared about us."

Did Samantha Humphrey's grandparents have a change of heart about the GoFundMe set up by the missing teen's mom, Jaclyn?

Monday as the search for Humphrey entered week three, it appeared as though the grandparents - steadfast against the fundraiser just last week - retracted their initial statements.

On her Facebook page on Monday, Samantha's grandmother, Diane Matarazzo admitted they've had a change of heart.  Here's, in part, what she wrote:

"It's been over two long weeks now and still no answers. I would like to amend my previous remarks regarding the GoFundMe page that was set up by Samantha's mother, Jaclyn Humphrey.

If you feel you would like to donate to their cause, please do. Neither Jaclyn nor Jeff are able to work now because of their grief. They firmly believe that it will help to be able to hire an attorney and/or a private investigator to find the answers to Samantha's disappearance.

My husband and I are still so very grateful for the efforts of law enforcement and recovery teams."

-Samantha Humphrey's grandmother,  Diane Matarazzo Facebook


Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook

What happened after the altercation between her and her ex-boyfriend?

Did she run off, was she picked up by someone in a car, did she hurt herself, did someone hurt her?

I guess we may not know any of this for some time - and police have no suspects as of right now.

3 weeks later, search efforts won't stop until there's closure for a family in mourning, and a community emotionally invested and baffled by her mysterious disappearance.

Humphrey has not been seen since she went missing, and police want clues about her disappearance. Anyone with information is asked to contact (518) 630-0911.

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