I'm a guy who enjoys good food, hanging with friends, and as much quality time with family as much as anyone else. And, if I'm honest, I don't have as much time for working out as my son Brody has gotten a little older and life a little more hectic.  Who wouldn't want to spend more time enjoying life, rather than sweating at the gym?

But I thought I'd give it all another try when I learned about Best Fitness, which sets itself apart by offering an hour-long free health assessment. They ask you about your fitness goals and eating habits and take you through some basic exercises to see how you move. Then, they build a program that's tailored to you, including the amount of time you have to dedicate to working out and your specific goals.

Here's what happened with my assessment:

A few things really hit me:

  1. I hadn't realized my body fat index had creeped that high. Hearing the number 27 completely freaked me out. I'm motivated more than ever to make some positive changes.
  2. They were honest with me about what I need to do to achieve my goals. I'm not interested in wasting time at the gym.  I want to get right down to business and I appreciated their willingness to work to make sure that my time in the gym was built around getting results.
  3. The atmosphere at the gym is really comfortable. They have group training, personal training, weight machines, free weighs and cardio equipment—and it definitely doesn't feel like a meathead gym. I could see myself feeling comfortable here (even after a long day at work).
  4. They have awesome simulations. They showed me a before and after simulation to show me realistically what can happen in the next 6 months, next year, etc.
Doug Priest, Townsquare Media

I know some people might be a little shy about signing up for an assessment, but as they told me at Best Fitness, people who don't have a plan usually aren't successful. So, if you're committed to investing the time to workout, you might as well make that time count.

Are you ready to get started? They have an awesome FREE 14-day trial membership.