We are so constantly on the go that it's easy for things to pass us right by if we don't stop and take a second to look. I'm someone that tends to see that beauty a little quicker than the average eye and maybe that comes from my Fine Arts background, I'm not too sure. All I know is, photography and capturing these beautiful moments is something I absolutely love to do. And I hope it's cool with you, I mean you did click on this blog after all, I'm going to share a few of my favorites with you from over the last couple of years. We'll start with one I took just yesterday and go from there.

Amsterdam, Marissa, WGNA
Stillwater, Marissa, WGNA
Peebles Island, Waterford, Marissa, WGNA
Saratoga, Marissa, WGNA
Albany, Marissa, WGNA
Cohoes, Marissa, WGNA
Halfmoon, Marissa, WGNA