There are tons of viruses around that can damage so many computers, but at least for this one, we have a heads up.

Flickr User Masahiko OHKUBO

In a story that I saw on News 10 ABC, this warning is from the FBI. Apparently this computer virus will install malware on the infected device, and possibly capture and steal personal information. The FBI has received numerous complaints about this virus. It’s being called the ‘MoneyPak’ virus.

One average user claims that when he went to use his computer, he couldn’t because it had been blocked and it looked like it was from the FBI. He was being accused of looking at child pornography, even though he said that he doesn’t go to inappropriate sites.

If you’re computer has been infected, you’ll need to have the virus removed by a computer professional. You should also file a complaint about the virus to the Internet Fraud Complaint Center website.