Was Brian Laundrie Spotted in Capital Region Backyard? FBI Called
I am taking an FBI Citizens Academy course and was fascinated to learn about a lead the FBI in Albany received. The tipster thought he saw someone resembling Brian Laundrie in the backyard of a Capital Region home. We learned in class how the FBI was called in and what steps they took to find out if they had their man.
I'm Joining Albany FBI Citizens Academy-You Can Too
I am convinced that someday I will apprehend a fugitive on the run. I have watched all of the true-crime shows and feel like I know some of the ins and outs of criminal minds. When I saw that there is an FBI citizens academy being offered this fall, I knew that this is right up my alley. Are you like me? Let's take this course together.
Embattled Cohoes Mayor Arrested By The Feds
Cohoes Mayor Shawn Morse has been no stranger to our local newspapers since being elected back in 2015. While he's denied the allegations lobbied against during his term as a public official, things reached a boiling point this morning.  It's being reported that the Cohoes mayor was arrested this morning by the FBI.
FBI Wants You To Reboot Your Router
If you have a home or office router, the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) is urging you to reboot it to protect your information. They say that hackers may be able to steal your important data.
Have You Been Targeted Yet By This Phone Scam?
I'm sure you get calls all of the time from numbers you don't know. Now, a new scam is going around where someone is pretending to be from the FBI! Before you give out your information, this is what it looks like.

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