Dale Earnhardt Jr. opened up yesterday in his “Concussion Discussion” podcast on Dirty Mo Radio.

It’s not everyday athletes tell you exactly what is going on with their injuries.  But NASCAR is a different sport!  Earnhardt says he wants to keep his fans up to date.

Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Dale Earnhardt Jr. sat down for his “Dale Jr. Download” podcast and explained in detail the symptoms he’s experiencing as well as where his concussion stems from.

Earnhardt Jr. says his doctors believe the injury stems from an incident in at the race in Michigan.  His symptoms unlike “normal” concussion symptoms, were delayed and came on gradually.  It’s been about three weeks since the onset of the symptoms.  Earnhardt Jr. says he is very involved with his doctors, he texts him daily asking what he can do to get better and return to racing.  Although this could be a long road to recovery, Jr. is following doctor’s orders.

I encourage all racing fans to listen to the podcast of this candid interview, the details and emotions he shares with us are so candid.

Wishing Dale Jr. a quick and full recovery!