Dale Earnhardt Jr. surprises 10 fans with a personal invite to the unveiling of his 2016 Nationwide car!

This is why I love NASCAR drivers. I feel like they go above and beyond for their fans. Well, Tuesday, that’s just what Dale Earnhardt Jr. did for 10 of his fans, he went above and beyond.
The fans thought they were headed to a tour of Hendricks Motorsports Headquarters, when, surprise!! In walks Dale Earnhardt Jr. The fans go crazy. The kid with the “Dale Call” is my favorite. Dale just walks right in “did you call me?” The kid gets so excited! The Mother with her two sons is awesome too. One of her sons runs over to hug him saying I met Dale Jr. over and over! It’s so great. Then, After he gets them all together, he tell him the BIG surprise. They all get to see the new paint scheme for the 2016 Nationwide car for the first time!
Take a look at the video – you will love it.

So, I guess I get it, this is why Dale Jr. is voted fan favorite week after week!