As I sit here writing this, I just got done listening to Chad Knaus comment on everything from the events in Richmond on Saturday night, to the ongoing problem on Nascar's restart policies. I do not want to put words into his mouth but he seemed to say that maybe in the context of "Teamwork" if a teammate were to let another teammate pass him to get an extra point and propel himself into the "Chase" maybe that would be acceptable to NASCAR, however spinning your car to create a caution would not.

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Now what is acceptable to NASCAR and the "rules" and what is the right thing to, or even fair may not be the same thing. Chad said, as I have said in his and other crew chief's defense, his JOB is to do everything he can to mess with everything he can in that car to make it the fastest out there and if left to their own devices every chief would "tinker" with anything he could. I am OK with that, I get it.

The idea of purposely spinning your car out, potentially causing injury or damage to other cars and drivers is so completely out of line to me. It has not been proven, and Clint Bowyer has denied doing  that on Saturday night but I for one believe  that he did.

If the Race had finished the way it was going Ryan Newman would have won the race and knocked Bowyer's teammate, Martin Truex out of the championship series. It was then that over his radio Bowyer heard, "39 is going to win the race... is your arm starting to hurt?" Then after a pause from Crew Chief Brian Pattie, "I bet it's hot in there. Itch it." Bowyer's car then spun.

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If that weren't enough, it also came out Sunday morning, according to the associated Press, that Bowyer and teammate Brian Vickers also aided Truex by taking green light pit stops in the last 3 laps of the race allowing Joey Logano enough points to pass Jeff Gordon for the 10th spot in the Chase, which in turn allowed  Truex to then win the "wild card" spot.

It all sounds a bit complicated but these are the facts, in fact there is radio chatter that completely backs it up, when told by his chief that he had to pit, Vickers said " I don't understand, pit right now?" to which the reply was , "We need that one point".

So you tell me, is this cheating? Is it just teammates taking care of each other? I have to wonder if any of these shenanigans took place with anyone on the Hendrick's team if every other driver wouldn't be screaming "FOUL" at the top of their lungs this morning.

What do you think?