When I shop at the local supermarkets for lobster, I try not to think of where they come from. Don't get me wrong, I love lobster, but when I see them in the tanks, I get a little sad. Well for one lucky orange lobster, it's his lucky day.A rare orange lobster was found at the Market Bistro in Latham. Apparently finding an orange lobster is one in ten million. There are a few rare colors of lobsters. Albino lobsters are the rarest where they estimate only one in one hundred million.  I thought that blue lobsters would be more rare, but they are not. Blue lobsters are found in one in two million.

So it's pretty cool that the bright orange one was found here at the Market Bistro. Good news for this rare crustacean. He (or she) will be put on display and spared from the pot. They will show off this beautiful lobster at the VIA Aquarium in Rotterdam.

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