Oh, just great! Thanks for asking! Couldn't be better.

So I open up my briefcase today to take out my favorite little digital camera.  I wanted to grab a picture of my dog and cat sleeping.    I power it up and here's what I see -a shattered screen and shattered dreams.

shattered camera
photo by Richie Phillips

Don't even ask me how it happened, because I have no clue.  I probably placed something else in the briefcase too close to the screen and it bumped it while in transit.

Sooooo bummed.  This little Nikon COOLPIX was my go-to snapper for vacations.  It took gorgeous shots.  I'm trying to decide whether I can just count on the iPhone to replace it.

Here's my question - how many of you just use your cellphone as your primary camera, and are you happy with the fact that it has no zoom?  See, I can't do without a zoom.  I just can't!  I have to replace this thing.  Maybe you can help me convince my wife.  Please help.  A camera is a terrible thing to waste.

Oh, and PS.  I took this photo of my broken camera with my iPhone.  I didn't have to zoom in.  I closed my eyes to take the shot.

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