As a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan, I feel I have something in common with you, the fan of the Buffalo Bills.  Both our teams were very good in the early 90's, at times dominant.  The Bills went to a million Super Bowls in a row, and lost each one.  Each SB loss worse than the previous year (the final one at the hands of the Cowboys which was an absolute smashing in 93) becoming a part of NFL lure.  They were the lovable losers. Their fan base, starved for a winner,  has had next to nothing in the 25 plus years since that run of 4 straight big game appearances.  The Cowboys have pretty much sucked since the mid-90's too and unlike your team in Buffalo, the Cowboys are anything but lovable losers.  My team is the despised loser, and fans of the NFL who don't root for the Cowboys, revel in their dysfunction.

I'm by no means switching allegiances here, but I find myself week after week rooting for the Bills.  I love their passionate fan base; Bills Mafia.  Blue collar, gritty, hard-working, no bullshit.  Just like your team. You all root like crazy for the Bills, show up when they stink, light yourself on fire when they win, even offer to help the team shovel snow when western New York get dumped on with two feet of it.

My brother-in-law Frank and nephew Nick are huge Bills fans and on Thanksgiving it was a little tense at my sisters house.  The Cowboys jumped out to early lead and I thought my Cowboys were gonna steamroll the Bills and my brother-in-law was going to choke on a turkey leg.  Eventually my Cowboys did what they normally do - shit the bed - but I didn't really care.  Normally I turn into an asshole when they lose, but on Thanksgiving day, something came over me.

I found myself rooting for, and appreciating the way the Bills were playing football in the second half of that game.  They played with guts, passion, heart and they showed me something.  The Bills were much better than the Cowboys that day and it wasn't even close. The Bills were like the amazing stuffing grandma makes complete with sausage, walnuts, cranberries and gravy.  The Cowboys were dry-ass mashed potatoes.

Today, Bills fan, it is YOUR day.  You've never beaten the Patriots in a game of this magnitude but that's about to change. Bills fans know the Pats are vulnerable, banged up, old at QB and ripe for the picking.

First things first: Jump through a table, light something on fire, eat a shot ton of wings and burgers and drink as much Natty Light as you can. The, go out and punch the Patriots in the mouth and line yourself up to win the division and get a home playoff game your city and fans richly deserve.  Don't forget to bring a shovel to the stadium so you can dig your way to your seat.

Calling my shot here: Bills 18 Patriots 16.


A Cowboy fan

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