Bowling is a great sport.  No kidding.  It IS a sport, you know!  Sometimes it can be a little demanding, and the rules can be restrictive.  That's why we went "rogue" and it's been a blast. 

photo by Richie Phillips  - thanks, Randy for the bunny ears.  I'll get you for that.

We were recruited by our good friends, Ruth and Miike Schulman to join this group.  Glad we did.  Here are at least SOME of the members at the conclusion of our last nite of the season.   Why?  Because we didn't feel like bowling anymore.  And where did we meet?  At our favorite after bowling hangout, Tops Diner in Rotterdam, which is right down the road from Sportsman's Bowl, where we do our thing  We meet once a month (again, because we're "Rogue", and we can do whatever the hell we want) .

It's great.  Yes, we keep score and we have actual handicaps (due to the acute mathematical skills of David Gentile}. Dorrie collects the dues each month and helps coordinate the year end party, which will be hosted this time by the Harringtons.  This is of course most essential part of league play -the partying.    The bottom line is the camaraderie here, in case you didn't guess, and there's plenty of that for sure.

We have team names like "Gutter Suckers", "Bowlapaloosers","Lucky Strikes", and a couple of names i won't reprint here.

My role is basically to show up -and I have had a slightly spotty record due to work related duties, but I love it when I am there, and I appreciate their patience and flexibility.  Why are they like that?   Let's say it together - THEY'RE ROGUE, so we do what we want!

Bowling is just a great sport, and I really forgot how much fun and stress-relieving it can be.  Give it a try if you haven't already!   Here's where we bowled.  I'll give them a surprise plug here.

from website

We even have a Facebook page if you'd like to check out the team members.

The bottom line, folks?  Get out there and bowl.  It's great!