This might take some explaining.  I'll try to be brief, although I rarely succeed at that.

OK, here's the backstory.  I had paid tribute to Amsterdam a while ago for Your Town Thursday (here's the link if you want to hear the original).  I had put out the call for information like I always do, on Facebook, and I got some slightly negative comments, mostly regarding the financial strife the town was going through. My policy is not to play "editor" here. Whatever facts I get, I try to incorporate (within reason).

Fast forward to last week when we revisited Amsterdam on the  Small Town Tour.  I decided to sing the parody again, warts and all.  It got a lukewarm reception at the Olympic Diner and I felt bad about it.  As a payback, I made the executive decision to try to rewrite it right there - soliciting new facts from the patrons who came in.  Here was the result, for better or worse. The lyrics are below the video.

           Amsterdam Part 2

Rose told me you should have known
About a guy who lived here named Rocco Patrone
She said he only lived a block and a half away
KIRK Douglas lived here too
Rose said Richie what the hell is the matter with you
Mohawk carpets made the Presidential Seal
That' a pretty big deal
I forgot about the Marching rams
They won lots of awards now I'm happy as a clam
It's much better song now that is plain to see
I've got to mention something more
They have Michaels and Joanne's
Take that Schenectady
One more thing before I go
This is the home of Coleco
They're the ones who made those cute little cabbage patch kids
Missy mentioned this and I'm awfully glad she did
Even the mayor said an interesting thing
Comin up Saturday is the spring fling
You folks out there at the tables made it plain
That my first song was wrong
Now I hate to complain
But you people this morning
Has driven me ANNE THANE (she's the mayor! )
OK - I hope I'm vindicated now!

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