Police in Upstate New York sent out a warning to residents about a "group of men" going door-to-door asking residents for personal information regarding their energy bills. It's a tricky scam because in some cases, the persistent scam artists came back to various neighborhoods, even after police told them to leave.
On Monday, the Amsterdam Police Department "received a call about several males going door to door near Phillips St., asking about resident's National Grid bills."

What to Look For

According to a report by the police, the men told residents that they were representatives of "PTM Solar advising residents they could save money on their National Grid bills if they provided them with information."
According to the police, the scam artists said they were from "PTM Solar" and they were attempting to retrieve people's National Grid sign-in information as well as their account numbers.
Police said the men couldn't provide proper paperwork and they were told to leave the area.

Scammers Came Back

According to the Amsterdam Police, the individuals "continued going door to door after Officers advised them to leave. All three subjects were later arrested for soliciting without a permit."
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Other Reports Outside of Amsterdam

After Amsterdam Police warned the public, other residents throughout the Capital Region said they experienced something similar.

A woman named Lila who lives in Scotia, posted a photo of a "suspicious-looking" man who came to her house inquiring about services, and she immediately told him to go away.

According to Lila's Facebook post, she "told him through the bell that (they) weren’t interested and he refused to leave promptly. Argued that I didn’t know what he wanted so he’d be back. Then went to (my) neighbor's house, (and he was) driving a black sports car."

Another woman named Morgan, also from the Scotia-Glenville area posted about without any credentials, "going door to door supposedly through National Grid trying to sign people up for solar panels."
If anyone has had interactions with these subjects or has provided them with any information, please call the Amsterdam Police Department for further information in regards to protecting your private information and National Grid Account.

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