Every town in the Albany area deserves to get some kind of publicity, right?  And what better publicity than to have it's own song? 

So by popular demand, we're going to go with Amsterdam this week, but I don't know much about it!  I've been there many times, but that's about it.  Here's the kind of information I'm looking for:

1.  What is the town best known for?

2.  What are some of the jokes that people say about the town?

3. Famous landmarks in the area

4. Famous people born there

5.  Roads that might have too many potholes, street lights that have been broken

6.  a little bit of history (but very short-bullet points )

7.  Well known regular people  in the town

Come on!  Send it in!  Leave your comments and I'll get working on your theme!  Thanks in advance, and have a great weekend!    Richie

PS.  Would you like to hear samples of past "Your Town Thursday's"?   Here's a few:

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