In regards to last night's show of "American Idol," I'm just going to cut to the chase in saying there were more out of tune singers than in tune.  Ashton, out of tune; Pia, out of tune; my boy Paul, out of tune and the list goes on.  Some started off better than others while a few seemed a little shaky at first, but then they opened up and got more comfortable.

I'll be curious to see America's results tonight when the contestants are given their tallies.  As we know, someone, if not a few of them, will have to go home tonight.  If they weren't out of tune last night, they were boring.  I like Lauren and Scott's dedication to country music, but they were boring performances.  Same with AshtonKaren, and Pia.  Their performances looked like auditions for a high school musical.  However, if I were to guess Paul, Jacob, or Stefano will be going home.  Their attempts last night were just plain uncomfortable, despite what the judges said.

While no one really stuck out in my mind as blowing away the rest of the field last night, I thought Casey Abrams sang pretty well as did Thia Megia.  Thia did a great job with the song "Smile."  Thia was definitely one that started off borderline, but gained confidence and poise as she became more comfortable on stage.  Here is her performance:

That definitely was not my favorite performance of the night, though.  Like I said, no one was the clear shot vocalist of the night on last night's show.  However, I give a lot of credit to Naima Adedapo.  She did a phenomenal job choreographing her performance of Rihanna's "Umbrella."  Naima put a lot of visuals in the performance and though she sounded off key in a few different spots, watching her was a lot of fun and I'm almost positive we will not be sending her home tonight.  Check her out:

What was your favorite performance last night?  Let me know who you liked and who you think should go home based on this week's performances.  As always, if you missed "Idol" last night or can't remember who is who, you can go to "American Idol."

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