In less than 24-hours a fox has caused quite the stir in town of Betar Byway by biting two people, one being a child.

While these wild animals tend to appear cute and cuddly, remember they are in fact "wild." When they feel in danger, they will attack to protect themselves in their natural instinct.

Unfortunately, now a town is on high alert after a man was bitten while on his property Wednesday and then a 4-year old only 18-hours later was bitten on his property, as well.

Police were on the hunt this afternoon to find the animal, but it is about as likely as finding a needle in a haystack. It's probably more likely that the fox will appear on someones property again and authorities or animal control being called.

Anyone that does witness a fox acting strangely within the area are asked to call 911.

In other news, this question everyone wants to know the answer to has yet to be determined.

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