These kids broke the cute meter.  First graders from St Thomas The Apostle School created a brand new theme song for our Blue Friday fundraiser on April 24th to help the families of fallen police officers.  Wanna hear it?  I knew you would!

st thomas the apostle sign
photo by Richie

Thanks much to Mrs. Mattis and Mrs. Baynes for having me in, and special thanks to Darcy Micelli who has supported me with this school program for the past 5 years.  She took the video and also tried desperately to decipher on the whiteboard  all of the ideas being thrown out at one time.   And speaking of the video, here are this week's stars.


Lots of talented kids in this class.  Check out this student (Richie, coincidentally).  He made a fully operational  radio.   AWESOME!  (it's not FM though, so it doesn't pick up WGNA, but I won't hold that against him!!  LOL )

St Thomas Apostle radio
photo by Richie Phillips


St Thomas the Apostle radio 2
photo by Richie PHillips

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