There are two things that mean the most to us — our family and our pets. This poor Albany woman is currently without both of them and desperately needs your help.

Losing an animal is hard enough as it is. You don't know where they are, when or if they'll be back - it's like a member of your family just disappearing. To this woman, her dog was even more than that.

Rochelle Edwards lost her daughter just about a year ago, right after her 23 birthday, according to Spectrum News. Her daughter had been battling a rare kidney disease and though she was fighting, she still spent her free time volunteering with Make-A-Wish.

Since her daughter's passing, Edwards had been taking care of her daughter's companion dog Biscuit, a tan chihuahua and Shih Tzu mix. This dog was a sense of hope and a connection to her daughter for Edwards and now, the dog has gone missing. The dog escaped this past week on Knox Street in Albany and was recently seen by the Boys and Girls Club over on Delaware Ave.

Edwards is doing everything she can to find the dog. It seemed like the one piece of solace she's had during this difficult year. If you do find the dog, let the Albany Police know, there is a reward of $350.

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