Local Schools Forced to Close After Threat

Local news stations are reporting that a private school in Albany was forced to close on Monday as a precaution after it was announced that they received "threats" late last night.

Albany Police say that the threats were done via text message as well as on social media and that many schools in the area received similar threatening messages.

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The Albany Academies in Albany  Photo: Google Maps

Albany Academy Closes on Monday

According to WRGB, at least one school in the area closed Monday after receiving the late-night threats.

The school that closed was the Albany Academy School, located on Academy Road in Albany.

The Albany Academies have closed for the day Monday morning after reports of a threat on social media.

Albany Police confirmed that the school was notified of a threat "late last evening." The threat reportedly surfaced through text messages and social media. - WRGB, Albany


According to the news station, Albany Police confirmed that the threats came late last evening and that the private school was closed Monday out of precaution. Police are on the campus there today, according to WRGB "to ensure the school is safe."

The Investigation is Ongoing - Other Schools were Targeted

Police in Albany didn't reveal the kind of threat that was made toward the school, but school officials at the private academy in Albany felt the need to close on Monday.

Albany Police didn't specify which other schools in our area received threats.

The investigation remains active and ongoing according to the news station.

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