After 38 years in business, the owner of the sweetest spot on North Pearl Street has decided it's time to retire.

Joseph Giangi, 76, plans to close Peanut Land Express after today.  I can only imagine the withdrawal that would occur if my regular, go-to sweet fix was suddenly gone and closed up for good. I wouldn't know what to do, which I'm sure their regulars are feeling right about now.

Giangi told the Times Union, "You see the same people basically every day, and you get to know them by name," Giagni said. "You know when they retire, you know things about their family. It becomes like a local grocery store." He continued, ""They're all saying, 'We're sorry to see you go, but it's a good thing that you're going to retire.'"

The Peanut Land Express owner originally started working on North Pearl Street as a teenager at a Planters nut store, where he grew the idea of his own shop. His wife gave him the inspiration to open up shop at Empire State Plaza concourse and with that a dream and a legend were born!

Here's to you, Joseph! Enjoy the retirement life and your customers will keep all of those sweet memories close to heart!

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