Last winter thanks to Covid, the City of Albany went "all virtual" with their annual Christmas festivities including their annual tree lighting down at the Plaza.  While it was a decent attempt, it certainly lacked holiday spirit without joyful Capital Region residents on hand.

In 2021, the "hope" is to have our normal Albany tree lighting ceremony complete with actual people and two very large spruced-up Christmas trees.

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I don't know much about the tree farming industry, but I would assume it's very hard work, and the rewards are few and far between. My guess is that one of those potential rewards might be producing a tree on your farm that thousands can see and celebrate as part of a public Christmas display.

If you're a tree farmer in the Capital Region and want to donate a giant Spruce Christmas tree for Albany's tree lighting ceremony, here's what you need to know:

The City of Albany OGS is looking for two New York state-born Spruce trees that are 35–55 feet tall, easily accessible, free of any powerlines, and located in or near the Capital Region.

If your tree fits the bill, the city is asking that you contact with your name, contact number, address where the tree is located, and a few handsome photos of your Spruce.

Albany's annual tree lighting ceremony is traditionally held sometime during the first week of December and last year, while virtual, marked the 30th consecutive year of its existence.

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