I have a son who will be 6-years-old in July.  When he goes to the doctor, dentist or anything sterile or medical, and he behaves like a "big boy", he walks out with all sorts of treats and sometimes even prizes.  Lollipops, fake tattoos, stickers, bubble gum, blinky things, stuffies, peanut-butter cups you name it.  I guess the reason is so that my son leaves happy, thus making the overall experience at the doc's office much more tolerable.  But here's the thing: my kid still doesn't like going.  He does it because even at age 6, he's smart enough to understand that if the right people in his life tell him to do it, then he probably ought to be a good boy and sit still for the doctor.

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I say this as the City of Albany announced that they'll wipe away a parking ticket if you show proof of a vaccine, which is like the 3rd way New Yorkers have been incentitvized to get both shots.  Cuomo has given out scratch-offs potentially worth millions, offered free college tuition and this one, "Voids for Vaccines" by the City of Albany is the latest.

Heck, I'm already fully vaccinated but had I known the government was handing out prizes, I'da definitely waited.

In fact, I'd have waited until I was part of the final 10% without the shot.  Imagine those negotiations?  "I want a new car but it's got to be a Range Rover and I want my own lake up in the Adirondacks and throw in a few Chic-Fil-A's...great thanks, Gov!"

New York will stop at nothing to raise the percentage of the vaccinated and I guess that's a good thing, but I can't the shake the feeling I get from it.  It makes me feel like I'm a little kid; a toddler or kindergartner unable to make my own decisions so you'll give me ice cream and cake to help me along. I can't be the only one who feels this way.

Personally, I got the shots because my doctor recommended it and I trust MY DOCTOR. Also because I wanted to do things like go to a wedding, travel, be around my parents and see their faces, go to sporting events, concerts, protect those around me and oh btw, to not get Covid again.

But the "incentive thing" seems to be working, even though I personally know zero people who have gotten the shot because it could land them college tuition, a free scratch-off, a half  gallon of Stewart's ice cream or anything else for that matter.

I will however use my vaccination card to get one of my (many) parking tickets wiped away, because getting "booted" really, really sucks.

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