We spend so much time in this country concentrating on negative news.  Well, we have to change that.  Let's start now.  Musicians from the Albany area  performed recently at a festival in the historic Carnegie Hall.  This deserves a mention, don't you think?

According to a recent article in the Albany Times Union, The orchestra was chosen to participate in a spring festival in NYC at the famed hall.

It was historic for the orchestra -- a debut at Carnegie Hall and participation in the inaugural Spring for Music Festival, an event conceived by heavyweights in classical music to showcase innovation. The Albany Symphony, which has received more national awards for creative programming than any orchestra in the country, was one of the seven orchestras in North America selected to play in the initial festival.

Here was their recent promotional announcement

To many of them, it must have been like the Superbowl, The Masters, The World Series all rolled into one.   Can you imagine the excitement? The nervousness? The sense of accomplishment?

You can learn more about what the Albany Symphony Orchestra does all year round by going to their site.  And congratulations for putting our area on the map!

P.S.  This whole subject got me to thinking of a trivia question that I don't have the answer to.  Here it is.  Name some country music stars who have performed at Carnegie Hall?  And there's only one person on the staff who would know that answer, so I'm going to ask him right here.  HEY KEVIN RICHARDS!  ENLIGHTEN US-PLEASE!!