Albany had budgeted $1.9 million in its revenue with traffic light camera violators in 2016, but guess what - Albany's not seeing a dime! So who is?

It turns out that Albany rents the cameras from a company called GATSO USA for $3,900 per month, per camera! (Just so we're clear, that's more than $1.6 million just in rental!)

So, the $328,000 that has been collected so far this year from violators via 35 traffic cameras will not be benefiting Albany in the slightest. Though, based on their contract with GATSO USA, if the city doesn't realize the total amount due to the company, they're off the hook.

Many have complained about the traffic camera lights and seeing there hasn't been any monetary benefit thus far, why have them? Well, it turns out that their original purpose was less about money and more about safety due to drivers being more distracted than ever.

What are your thoughts?