This is a major trending story, and continues to be a mystery as we speak.  If you live in Albany, watch your socks very, very carefully.  Stick with me here

According to a story from Albany News 10,  23 year old Antijuan Lewis had given a man a lift out of the goodness of his heart. The next thing you know, the poor guy was standing in a parking lot  around midnight recently.

According to the story:

...Lewis said he gave a man a ride, then the man pulled a gun and stole his money, cell phone and his 2006 Chrysler...


But that's not all, folks.  They found Antijuan standing barefoot in that parking lot.  The guy took his socks too!

photo by Richie PHillips

Huh?  Say WHAT?   This is a tragedy, no doubt, but let's face it.  You hear these stories every day about money, cell phones and cars getting ripped off, but SOCKS?

Antijuan is tough, though.  He will never admit defeet.   He will find his arch nemesis, and as you know, Albany cops are always on their toes.  Have I done enough lame foot jokes?

So if you live in Albany, I would watch your trusted pair of Hanes very carefully. Maybe you should buy really high ones, like old people wear.  They are more difficult to steal!

BTW - I lied about one thing.  The Albany we are talking about is Albany, Georgia, and the TV station that I mention is News 10 from THAT city, not ours.  You can rest easier now.

Didn't that story knock your socks off?  (Twenty years in the punitentiary, Richie!!)