Governor Cuomo has a bit of a mess to clean up in Albany. A new resident has moved into his mansion and he has his hands full. Governor Andrew Cuomo introduced the newest member of his administration, a fourteen week old puppy named "Captain". The Governor's daughters are to blame for the addition. He said that his daughters wanted the puppy, so they got him and now they are no where to be found.

The dog is a mix of a Siberian Husky, a German Shepard and a little bit of Malamute.

He is quite a handful too. When he was introduced at a press conference, he was squirming around all of the cameras. According to CBS 2 in New York, the Governor said that Captain is not housebroken and that he will go outside, stay there for a while and when he gets back in, he does his business inside. They are working on housebreaking the dog.

The Governor wanted to name the dog "Excelsior" after the state motto but was overruled by his daughters.


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