As I was looking through my Facebook feed tonight I noticed this, and of course thought that my listeners would love to know about this event that is going on for hunters, fishers and outdoor lovers alike. The 12th Annual Adirondack Outdoorsman Show will be happening at the Johnstown Moose Club on February 11 and 12.

I did a little looking into the show as I have not attended one in Johnstown before and liked what the organizer wrote on the website:

Adirondack Outdoorsman Show Facebook Page
Adirondack Outdoorsman Show Facebook Page

"Our events do not consist of "fluff vendors" whom we simply collect a rental fee from (irregardless as to whether they offer items/services that cater to Outdoorsmen! I am an "Outdoorsman" and if I do not think a vendor strictly fits the category of "Outdoorsman", I do not allow them to be part of the event! I often times pass up lucrative rental opportunities, but I would rather "give away" the extra space to vendors with the proper mix of products, than to fill up our events with "junk".

Other than the vendiors that will be onsite for the show they also listed some featured guest experts that will be there as well like; " Adirondack Deer Trackers.  Joe DiNitto, Steve Grabowski, Jim Massett and Dave Williams make us this unique group of Adirondack Deer Hunters from Central New York who have a combined 170 years of Adirondack hunting experience between them.... writer/photographer and Fishing Author Spider Rybaak. Rybaak, who returns with his newest book “Fishing the Adirondacks”.... “Adirondack Outdoors” editor Leo Maloney who will be on hand to greet readers and passing out complimentary copies of his publication."

Again I have never been to the event but I knew many of our listeners would be all about it, Let me know if you have gone in the past and what you thought about the event and of course if you have a similar event that you think WGNA listeners would love let me know.

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