It's time to beautify your property and help the environment for a low cost on your landscaping. The annual spring tree and shrub seedling sale are happening now with the state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). There are more than fifty species available to buy from the Colonel William Fox Memorial Saratoga Tree Nursery.

I am getting ready to move into a new home and I can't wait to spruce up my yard with beautiful landscaping. This is the perfect opportunity to get shrub and tree seedlings at a low cost. There are fifty species to choose from so I better get reading up on what they have to offer.

As part of the reforest New York project, the DEC has been providing their annual spring tree and shrub sale for more than one hundred years. It's the perfect opportunity for New Yorkers to get winter-hardy trees and shrubs for their properties. The trees and shrubs can be used in a variety of ways. They can provide shade to cool their property or create an entire windbreak to protect it.

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According to, the DEC had this to say about the program:

In addition to benefitting residential properties, planting trees also positively impacts the surrounding environment. Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, making them a powerful tool in the fight against climate change. They also provide food and shelter for native wildlife, improve water quality by filtering runoff, prevent erosion, and so much more.

You have until May 15th to order your seedlings and you can head on over to the DEC website on the Spring Seedling Sale page. There is a risk that some of the species will sell out early so you can place orders by phone to get the latest information.

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