If you have never seen this video before , prepare to be very amused! if you have seen it, watch it again!  I saw this on a friend's Facebook wall today and while I don't always watch the videos people share for some reason this morning I chose to hit play on this one, I'm glad I did.

On a cold, cold Monday like this everyone seems to be a little less enthusiastic about life and all the upcoming week has to offer, much like the way this kid seemed to be about being at this basketball game. When the music (Livin' on a prayer" by Bon Jovi) he seems to be sitting miserably with his head in his hand. When what looks to be his Mom lets him know the camera is on him he just explodes into a completely different person and it's GREAT!

For me, it's just one of those times you see someone completely let loose and not care one bit what anyone around them thinks, they just get caught LIVING in the moment they have found themselves in. It's rare and always worth celebrating.

Let's celebrate: