This deserves it's very own article, because it's my favorite discovery of the entire year. it's a gadget that does absolutely bupkis. 

I wasn't totally sure that this wasactually for sale or not, but you'll be surprised at what I discovered.  This could be the new Pet Rock.  Does anyone remember that? .  Useless Box is from  It's a little invention that proudly does NOTHING.  Here's a video from YouTube

And yes, this is for real.  It's right on the Think Geek website.  Here's a screenshot

useless box kit

Call me crazy, but I love this whole idea, because it actually speaks volumes about what we will fall for if it's advertised to us enough.  I'd love to see billboards, tv spots, radio ads (of course), just to see how many they sell. 

And if they need a jingle for this, I'm there! 

What have you bought that turned out to be as worthless as a Useless Box?  Would love to know below.  Now wasn't this a totally useless waste of time reading this?  PERFECT.

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