It must be tough making a living  in the service industry with the economy and all.  Especially anyone who works for tips.  Waitresses especially must be working hard to make ends meet.  Well, if you're reading this and you are a waiter or waitress, here's a suggestion.

According to a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, if a server stands closer to the customer, the chances are that the gratuity will increase.  According to them:

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Waitresses who stood about 6 inches from patrons, as opposed to 2.5 feet, improved their tips by 22.6%...Tips were also boosted when waitresses smiled broadly, touched customers briefly on the arm or shoulder, or squatted by the table to introduce themselves. 

Now isn't that funny?  I HATE WHEN THEY SQUAT BY THE TABLE!   So does my wife!  For some reason, that irritates me.

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In fact, I'm writing this at my mother's apartment.  I asked if she agreed with this stupid...ahh...survey.  She said that she went to a Chili's Restaurant in Albany with 17 of her friends.  The waiter barely said hello, didn't squat or pat anybody, ran his butt off, got the food out ontime  and everyone mentioned how great his service was!    So there!!

Do you agree with the survey or my mother?  Would love to know?  Please leave your comments, and kindly tip your friendly radio host for providing this blog.

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