This could only come from the mind of a teenager.  An adult would be too worried that their prized camera would get damaged, or that fireworks would hit someone's house and inspire a lawsuit.  But teenagers are "free thinkers", shall we say.   Here's an example:


This is a really intriguing idea - to see what it's like to BECOME the  firework. (Is that a word?  Is that what you call singular fireworks? Who knows, but you know what I mean)

According to the post on

19-year-old videographer Jeremiah Warren  strapped a tiny spy camera onto a series of fireworks. The little 808 #11 camera miraculously survived multiple flights, and provided some pretty high-quality video—though it might make you a bit dizzy.

I could go on and on here with a description or brilliant analysis of the event, but I'm sure you'd tell me politely to shut up and play the video.  So without further adieu:

I guess the camera made it thru multiple attempts, which is great advertisement for it, huh?   Personally, I give him alot of credit. Whether his parents feel the same is questionable.

What has YOUR teenager done that was totally bizarre, but in the back of your mind you secretly thought was pretty darn inventive?  Would love to know!

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