"Why did you climb that mountain, sir?"   "Well, because it was there!!".   You've heard that conversation, right?  That was what writing this parody was like.

Producer Jeff Levack and I were listening to the Keith Urban song, "I Wanna Put You In A Song".  And one of us started singing--" I Wanna Put You In A THONG".  That's all I had to go on--a  piece of paper with that title at the top!  Sometimes I equate writing with climbing a mountain.  It's a challenge to see if you can do it.  


So I made up a story about my father-in-law wearing a thong.  It's not REALLY about my father-in-law.   Warren is a retired accountant.  Love the guy to death, but I can't picture him in a thong!!!  (Yea, Richie, you should talk!!!)

But here's the finished "mountain".  Not sure if you'll like it or not.  Hopefully!   One mountain at a time!!! 

(and the guy in the picture is not my father-in-law either--this was taken in 1910!!)

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