I see this picturen hanging around on Facebook every once in awhile. Every time I look at it, I first cringe, then break out in laughter, then cringe again.  I just wanted to clear the air about it

halloween party wgna
photo by Richie Phillips

In case you were wondering, this is actually a photo from a Halloween costume  party several years back, where we invited listeners to join us.  There were prizes for best costume etc.  I'm not sure anyone in the above shot would have won anything.

Now why does the guy to the right of Kevin Richards (Scotty Blaine)  have the exact same basic outfit as I do? (to the left of Sean).  Well, I wanted to go as Elton John, so I went to a costume shop.  They didn't have "Elton" in stock, so they put this together for me.

I believe Scott wanted to go as a ...lady of the evening procurer, shall we say.  This was the outfit they found for HIM.  The same one!!!   LOL    When we both walked in the room, we burst out laughing.

Not a good look for either of us.  I wish someone would take this down forever ( of course, here I am showing it again to everyone like an idiot - advertising it even more).

Oh, the things that we do that we think are clever at the time..........      I'm so ashamed.

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