This is very bizarre - in a good way.  Now you can get your country and classic rock all in one place! 

Attention:  Baby Boomers (and Gen X'ers and Millennials and anyone who loves great music)

A classic double album has been reissued.  Rolling gives it 5 stars.  It's the 1973 classic "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" album, and this is the 40th anniversary of it's original release.  It's brilliant (mostly because Elton walked into the studio back then and just cranked out all the songs in one fell swoop).

Screen Shot Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Mercury Records

It has 17 classics on there -including the very haunting "Funeral For A Friend", Bennie and the Jets, and a song that became, according to Wikipedia, the biggest selling single of all time - "Candle in The Wind" after it was rewritten for the funeral of Lady Diana.

(Gee- and I promised myself that I wasn't going to make this too long----).  But I HAVE to include something very fascinating.  There's a bonus CD that includes performances by Hunter Hayes, The Band Perry and Zac Brown.  You should hear Hunter sing the title track!  Amazing!

Why did they do this?  No clue.  This album would have sold well enough without them, but maybe they wanted to introduce Elton's iconic recording  to the country audience as well, although Elton has always incorporated a country sound into some of his older works.  (Listen to him sing "Country Comfort" with Earl Scruggs on banjo!)


But back to the album at hand's  REALLY worth taking a listen to!   I guess it's another example of Captain Fantastic meets the Brown Dirt Cowboys  (inside joke, but you older folk would get it!)



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