We are a patriotic country and should be. We in America have a proud history of freedom and democracy, but that history is also filled with men and women who sacrificed so much for an ideal. Today is the day that we think about and reflect upon those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, they "gave all".

These people gave their very lives for the cause of freedom, they did it for their friends, their family and for their country. These men and women somehow saw passed the ultimate human drive of self preservation and realized that without freedom, a life could not be truly lived. We as a nation could never thank them enough, and will always be in their debt.

These men and women who made that choice to put freedom, democracy and America before their own lives are the very sons and daughters of America itself. These men and women are the very essence of the American dream , and should always be honored, not just on this Memorial Day.

On this day however, I like to play this song by Billy Ray Cyrus, I like to watch the video and take a few moments to reflect on these men and women , and wonder if they would ever truly know how much they mean to history and to everyone of us who enjoy what they fought for, life , liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

God Bless them all and may they rest in peace.



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