This question came in to my Tech Talk desk (which is the same desk that I use for everything else - it just makes me sound more important).  MaryAnn from Albany asked a question that baffled me, but our One Stop Technology Shop had the answer and made me look smart

Just what is a hyperlink? If you click on the blue "hyperlink" you'll find out.  THAT'S A HYPERLINK!  Now how did I do that?  I was taught by our digital department.  But here's how you should do it at home, according to Computer Renaissance (another hyperlink).

Hewlett-Packard Raises Earnings Estimates
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  1. Our friends at Computer Renaissance say you should go to your web browser that has the website address in it and highlight it then right click and when the drop down box appears select copy.


  1. Next you go to the document that you want to paste the link to put your curser on the page


  1. Then you are going to right click and select “hyperlink” from the drop down box then press control “crtl” AND the letter “V” at the same time.


  1. After that click “ok” in the bottom of the menu box and the link will appear on the page.


Of course if you have any trouble get over to Computer Renaissance in Newton Plaza in Latham and our friends over there will help you with getting a hyperlink into a document and any other computer problem you may have!  You can go to or call them at 220-4445.  Thanks guys.  Now maybe our listener won't be as hyper!  Thanks for sending.

If you have a question for our Tech Talk team - you can do so right here (I can't stop hyperlinking!)





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