Did you miss the big pay per view fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao? I did too but to be honest I'm kind of glad I did. Let's face it I'm just not a big enough fan of boxing to shell out $100 to see a couple of guys past their prime boxing.

From what I heard from the people who did shell out the cash or went to a friend's house to watch it was a whole lot of Mayweather dancing around and not a lot of actual contact between the two fighters. SO in other words, snoozer.

Still, you may be wondering today how it all actually went down. Surely it had to be at least a little exciting right? Well with pay per view you may never see the actual footage unless you wait for them to try to take even more money from you with a DVD release. Ugh.

Fortunately a creative person out there found the perfect way to share it with us all, by using the old NES game "Punch Out" to recreate all the action.