Mother Nature delivered and we got over a foot of snow. I have a seven-year-old who loves the snow both to shovel and to go sledding in. So that's exactly what we did.Some people get angry when they have to dig out from a major snowstorm. Not in our house. Ryan is a seven-year-old who loves nothing more than shoveling people out. Yesterday he hounded us to get outside, so I went with him. We had to shovel a path so our dog, Freddie, would be able to go outside to do his business.

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After we were done shoveling, we went across the way to a hill and had some fun. Here's Ryan getting some sledding time in.

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We made the most of the snowstorm and ya know what? I actually enjoyed myself too. It's funny how I looked at the snow through Ryan's eyes and forgot how fun it is when you are a kid. I actually can't wait to play in the snow with him again.

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