When I first heard Hillary Clinton was coming to Cohoes, it was late on April 1st, I thought it was an April Fools joke. My Mom on the other hand went and did the research because she wanted in!

I know that the former US Secretary and New York Senator has been in the Capital Region before. I know she's been traveling all around the country for different rallies during her current campaign. I'm sorry, Cohoes, I just didn't expect you to be her stop. But, what an amazing opportunity to witness, regardless of your political beliefs! A potential United States President speaking right here at home!

My Mom has always been a Hillary supporter so when she heard the news, she couldn't wait to go:

"I wanted to see Hillary because she’s someone I’ve admired and respected for a long time.  I saw her speak at a televised location this past spring and appreciated everything she stood for.  When I heard she was coming to Cohoes, being so close to home, I knew I had to be there to see her and listen to her speech in person, not to mention this is a part of our history."

My electronically challenged mother then went onto the computer (she never does this) and started doing the research on how to sign up and get in to see the candidate up close.

"It was very easy to register on line.  To actually get in the door was a nightmare.  Being in line by 3:30, I believed I had a good spot in line so when the doors opened at 4:15, I would get in fairly quickly.  It didn’t turn out that way because there was no organization and the crowds took over.  The lines turned into crowds pushing and it felt like I was in a herd of cattle.  I got thru the door at 7:00.  Three and a half hours waiting in line in the cold."

When she finally got into Cohoes High and found her spot up in the balcony area, that's when my phone started blowing up with her excitement. The problem, my Mom, again not loving technology doesn't have a smartphone, so the photo quality isn't the best but here was her view:

Marissa, Cohoes High School
Marissa, Cohoes High School

Everyone has their different political views and reasons for liking and disliking a candidate. I personally am not favorable to anyone currently in the running, but that's me. Clinton does have a lot of positive things to say when it comes to women and the younger generation, which I know my Mom especially enjoys:

"She spoke about many, many things.  Most important to me, as a working woman all my life, was fairness for women in the workforce.  She spoke about college education, her goal to change the student loan process making it affordable for all students, bringing more manufacturing jobs back to the United States, more “Made in America”.   She’s a strong supporter for children, the educational system and Teachers.  She’s also a strong supporter of unions and so much more, her list of topics she spoke about was long.

I left feeling very inspired and with a strong feeling of hope for the middle class families of America and that the struggles of women in the work force will improve."

Did you go to the rally as well? How was your experience? What did you take away from it? It's always nice when the Capital Region is able to be a part of something so big within our amazing country, so way to go, Cohoes!

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