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Do You Want Your Morning Show to Take a Side in the Election?
We would really like to get your opinion on this!
It's a political year, Albany is a political town, and frankly, Sean and I are political minded people!  But, do you want to hear our opinions on the matter?
That's the question.
You can't get on the internet, turn on the TV, or open…
Hillary Clinton On Saturay Night Live [VIDEO]
When Saturday Night Live begins a new season you can usually expect something to happen that will get people talking about it on Monday morning, this season opener did not disappoint. Hillary Clinton stopped by to open the show and to be honest wasn't half bad.
Zeke For President
This little boy was VERY upset to hear that Hillary Clinton was running for president. Not necessarily because he thought she is a bad candidate, but because he think he would be a much better one! Find out what he is basing his platform below...
Monday, April 13, 2015 – Super 7
1. The MTV movie awards aired last night.  What does MTV stand for?
a - Music Television
2. You can use Uber to hail a rickshaw in India. Spell rickshaw.
a - rickshaw
3. Hilary Clinton joined the presidential race yesterday.  What two colors are her logo...

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